Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Hospitality without a perfect home...

Lately, I visited various kind of places for work, meeting, get together and events. These places include University, Hotel, Restaurants and friend's home. All these are different places with different set of people and different infrastructure. I found one thing common in all these places which is hospitality. What I found that you don't have to have a perfect home, place or things to show hospitality. It comes from the heart of the people and warmth that they spread during your visit.
I enjoyed every moment of my visit to these places. I recently visited NIIT University in Neemrana twice for two different events. One was for NIIT Foundation and another one was for Forever NIITians. The hospitality shown by the NU staffs was so heartwarming and welcoming on both the occasions. The participants for both the events make it more convenient and easy.

When you reached at a friend's home after long drive and you get hot maggi, boiled egg and coffee, it makes you feel like on top of the world. And on top of that if you try to help, you have been asked to sit and relax and watch from distance. That gives you even better feeling. You don't need a perfect home then to show hospitality. You just say - Thank you for being my host today and probably some more days to come. And it becomes a get together for life time to be always in your heart.

Some of the points to remember - Keep your home in good shape, welcoming touches, something to offer your guests and remember it's not about your home, it's about you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020.


Dear all Forever NIITians:

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all and special mention to the organising committee for such a wonderful and rejuvenating event. Every good and successful event gives you wonderful memories, immense learning and food for thoughts. #ReuNIITe2019 is one such event.
Starting from VKT's welcome to all of us to our home, Raji's explanation of moods and then self reflections, PR's talking about how future #NIITians would be, Dr. Mitra's words of wisdom and AT and Sapnesh insight about the business and market, was great learning for all us. We all know that so much learning won't be possible on one single platform.
I am not counting fun and enjoyment that we have during the event..that was endless and unmatchable for more than 2 days. Meeting all of you whether worked together or not is always a pleasure...
The campus of #NIITUniversity is one of best and the warmth of the people is even better which gave us good feeling in single digit temperature. I really admire some of the initiatives by NU including waste management and air cooler system that campus is having... Greenery inside the campus is spellbound... I am sure all of us would want to come back again and again to visit the campus for various reasons one of them could be to see the growth of your own planted tree and not to forget about what VKT said about #LittleNIITians and #NUtons. ☺️
I would like to extend my deep gratitude again to all organising team members and all lovely participants who made this event possible.

See you next time!

Thanks and warm regards
Vikram Kumar
#ReuNIITe2019 #BreatheEasy #NIITUniversity 

Gratitude in Action

Dear Team NF,
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you for joining us for the NF annual day program. It was a great memorable event for all of us. When I reached back to home and was reflecting on the last 3 days with all of you together, I found lots of learning, a good sense of achievement and most importantly a connect with all of you which is going to be in my heart forever. 
It was indeed a great experience interacting with each one of you. Such events in life always gives us opportunity to learn, experiment, innovate and therefore grow in our career. Some of the learnings are, make NF visible to the whole world and keep up the positive impact while we are scaling high.
I also found and cherish that our Change Maker program is close to our heart. Lets live by the example and believe in the fact of changing the society by changing one student at a time. 
Our efforts in all our programs are now showing deep demonstrable impact in the communities and societies.
I personally feel so much energized and enthusiastic after attending the annual day program. I would like to thank each one of you from bottom of my heart for being part of this annual day and largely for the part of NF team. Lets be victorious and keep the NF flag high always.
Lets be in touch for any help or concern that you may have.
Keep "Gratitude in Action" as our top priority.

Yours truly,

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

My Journey with NF

Hi! I am currently working for Vodafone project to spread mass financial literacy program. My journey with NIIT Foundation is fascinating and a bit of emotional too. I joined NIIT Foundation in 2005, its inception year. Just to give you my background, I started my career with NIIT R&D centre and was involved in software, hardware and firmware development and many innovative projects.

In 2005, I moved to NIIT Foundation (Then NIIT Institute of Information Technology) to help setting up the first District Learning Centre in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. This DLC needed to be a state-of-the-art centre and fully equipped with latest technology and my journey with NIIT Foundation started from here.

During my tenure with NIIT Foundation, I also worked for CDC project and spearheaded NReach program. All these projects were one of its kind and needed innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. That time, it was challenging for all of us at NIIT Foundation as we never worked with NGOs and have not any experience of setting up a centre in urban-slums and rural areas. We all put in that extra bit of effort to achieve more than 100%. I would like to explain this with two mathematical equations here:

0.99365 = 0.03 …………………………. (1)
1.01365 = 37.8 ………………………….. (2)

The difference between these two values are exactly 1260 times.

My entire journey with NIIT Foundation was a learning process where I had many opportunities to experiment and learn. I have experienced immense benefits from these projects. NIIT Foundation made me confident and inculcated decision making ability in me. I got opportunity to grow in my career and leaned to manage projects. I learned to communicate in a better way, take care of the team members, ensure that every team members are learning and growing in their career and give value to each and every person. It gave us enough self –satisfaction after successfully implementing these projects and when our trained candidates start getting placed.  It also gave me an opportunity to work for under-privileged youth of our country. The smile on their face makes you smile too. I wish to thank you every NIIT Foundation team members for making me a transformed person.

I worked with NIIT Foundation for 6 years and then decided to move to a US organisation for better career prospect. My learning with NIIT Foundation helped me to set up US organisation operations in India. It was my dream also to go to USA like any other budding software developer in their career. After spending 3 years with the US organisation and another 3 years with a Bangalore based organisation, I got opportunity to work with NIIT Foundation again, this time with a bigger assignment.

In continuation to making impact in the society and bridging the digital divide, I got opportunity to work with NIIT Foundation again for a prestigious project to create awareness about Financial Literacy. We need to impact 3.3 million youths and adults in next 3 years in Financial Literacy.

I think, in last so many years, this is yet another opportunity in my career to re-confirm my commitment to impact individual around us by instilling hope, inspiration and capabilities in them.

The current challenge of impacting 3.3 million people is the biggest of all the time for me and but I am sure with all your support and guidance, we should be able to make it happen successfully. We are all set to march towards this mission and wish all team members success all around and throughout the year and forever.

Thank You!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Future of Work

24th Jan 2018, Hyatt Regency
Bridge’18 - The Future of Work – A conference organised by ICT Academy

ICT Academy is primarily involved in Innovation, Collaboration and Education to create a new generation of talent pool. This conference was an excellent platform to collaborate with Industry, Academia and Government. ICT Academy invited speakers from Government (MHRD, NITI Aayog, NASSCOM, MST and MSME), Industries (The Hindu Group, Amazon, TCS, Oracle, IBM and HCL) and from Academic Institutions (ICT Academy and Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology). The majority of participants were from Academic Institutions.

Conference is in progress
The conference was to showcase the latest happenings in the field of Technology and Education domain all over world and the manner in which we can leverage and collaborate to maximize its usages. All speakers were talking about IOT, Cloud, Infrastructure, Big Data, AI and Robot, to name a few. Obviously these are the emerging technologies that are going to be used extensively in the field of Education and Training. Some of the threats which we may encounter in the future because of the rapid change in technology and particularly Internet were also discussed.

I would personally like to mention about the speech given by N Sarvana Kumar, IAS, who is serving as a Joint Secretary, Higher Education, MHRD. He mentioned some interesting research data:
  •          65% of students who are in primary education are going to do a job which does not exist today.
  •          54% of the jobs will remain unchanged
  •          65% of the jobs requires skill up-gradation
  •          9% of the new jobs
He raised the issue of human values and humanism. Human beings are known to innovate, work and change technology since times immemorial but there is hardly any change or upgradation in the human values. There is a need to set up an institute where humanism can be taught with MHRD holding the responsibility to set up Institute of Humanism.

Another speaker from NITI Aayog, Sunita Sanghi talked about women empowerment not only in some of the selected domain like Cooking, tailoring and beautician but also to include them in various other domains. She talked about ‘Decent Jobs’ which consists of Job security as well as social security. NITI Aayog is working on many such initiatives.

Digbijoy Shukla from Amazon Internet Services, Tej Paul Bhatla from TCS, Niraj Prakash from Oracle and R Anand from HCL also shared their views on various upcoming technologies and things that are going to exist and support mankind in the coming years. They all addressed the current challenges in the how to overcome using latest and upcoming technologies. All these industries have their own academy and are fully equipped to shape-up the future of the youth.

On the other hand, when we have just celebrated Bansant Panchami by worshipping Goddess Saraswati, the Hindu deity of Learning, Arts and Music, left me with several unanswered questions in my mind. Since the last two days while coming back from my office, just when we were about to cross the river Yamuna, some disturbing high-pitch sound took our attention. When we came close to that sound, we found many mini trucks were carrying Goddess Saraswati for immersion procession. Each of the truck was having 30-40 youths inside it, who were playing music in the highest volume and creating nuisance. It was disturbing for us but we felt saddened about all these youths who belongs to the age group of 18-25 years.

I think only these youths are not responsible for what they doing. Who told them to do procession like this, play nuisance and vulgar music and dance in the middle of the road disturbing traffic and patients in the nearby hospitals and disturbing students preparing for their examination?
Does anybody convey to them not to do like this or explained them what are the consequences of their acts. I don’t think so.

I am writing this here to raise the issue of unattended group of society and to draw our attention to such youths. Just talking about latest technology is not going to help. We need to handhold at least one person and make him/ her better person. Do you think that we can change these youths ever and make better society all around.

The basic realisation that of felt was that the primary schooling of a child is of utmost importance. Formulating proper value at the Kinder Garden level would impart values which would trained these youth for their lifetime

This is certainly possible. We at Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG) celebrating this year as the year of Brilliant Self, Brilliant neighbourhood and hence a Brilliant District. Let’s take a pledge that we all will put in some effort to make a person better human being. This is not difficult at all. Together we can do wonder. With this we can think of ‘The Future of Work’ will complete. We will have better human beings to work for and to work with.

My gratitude to all of you, always!

Monday, January 1, 2018

3.3 million in 3 years

New dreams, new hopes, new experiences and new joys, wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

In continuation to making impact in the society and bridging the digital divide, we are now on a mission to create awareness about Digital and Financial Literacy. The numbers are 3.3 million youth and adults in 3 years.

This is another start in this year and to continue my commitment to impact individual around us since last so many years.

I feel so proud and blessed that I got opportunity to work for large projects and start-ups in my career. Some of the milestones are mentioned below in chronological order:

1999 – Digital Documentation of Museum Artefacts (8 ASI Museums and 1 National Museum)
2001 – Hole-in-the-Wall Project (300 computers, 4 countries)
2006 – Enabling NGOs to provide quality education and placement (50 NGO partners)
2011 – Setting up Amitech Inc. operations in India
2014 – Training and Employing rural youth in BPO industry in their vicinity
2018 – 3.3 million youth/adults Digital and Financial Literate

The current challenge of impacting 3.3 million people is the biggest of all the time for me. We are looking forward to make it happen successfully. A big challenge requires smart thinking, better planning and lots of team work.

We are all set to marching towards this mission and wishing you all success all around throughout the year and forever.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Keep your commitments

When I wrote the first blog post for my blog in the beginning of this year, I thought I will write at least 12 blog posts in this year – one in each month. Today I am writing my 12th blog post for this year.

A beautiful lotus flower symbolizes purity
of body, speech and mind
Keeping your commitments to yourself brings immense amount of satisfaction. I am much obliged to all my readers who encourages me with each like and comment and thankful to my wife and kids for sparing me to write once in a while.

Other than writing for my blog, I also wrote couple of posts for Mindscroll Blog – A company dealing in new age learning management system. You can read the posts here -

As we are on the verge of closing this year 2017 and starting a fresh year 2018, I determined to write more and more for the benefit of my society, family and friends.

There are many unpublished posts which are not uploaded due to various reasons - half-written, not relevant, may be offending to someone. I will try to complete and make these articles correct before I publish these. One thing that I tried to make sure that there should some sentences in each of the posts that can bring smile to your face. J

Year 2018 is going to be year of “Brilliant achievement, Brilliant self and Brilliant district” for me and my fellow members of BSG. BSG is an organisation empowering individual for peace and happiness in their life.

With this determination, wishing you all a very happy, purposeful and a vibrant start of the New Year 2018. May there be happiness and peace the whole year through.

Take it easy, surge desire to learn

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